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Lumotz Activewear

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Lumotz Activewear is a social start-up based in The Netherlands and Nigeria, with a scalable business model to make a difference.


The brand and foundation work together to create a self-sustainable business model. Lumotz Global Foundation handles everything on the ground, this involves the education, empowerment and equipping underprivileged athletes in Nigeria with the tools needed to create a level playing field for them. Lumotz Activewear then creates the awareness around the projects the foundation carries out. By creatively designing sporting apparels with powerful stories and partnering with organisations that also want to be part of the solution. A quarter of the profits from our sales go to the foundation, while the rest of the profit is reinvested to increase our brand’s impact.

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The Lumotz team consists of young passionate and diverse individuals from different works of life with humanitarian experiences based in Apeldoorn and Lagos.

Want to join our mission at LUMOTZ ACTIVEWEAR or know someone who would? Get in touch with us using the link below.

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